TRN Reading Education Software.

The Reading Network (TRN), a reading education software firm, set out to develop a community that would complement their reading courses with an integrated space for interactions between instructors, parents and students. TRN provides tutoring in reading and tutoring with new instructional programs and e-learning resources under development that meet a variety of student learning needs and address more strands of literacy. Services are provided either online using their custom software education platform, or face-to-face via the instructor's home offices.

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Elgg Platforms


  • Google Apps integration for document management
  • Dropbox integration for document importing
  • Custom role-based permissions framework for student/parent/teacher document sharing
  • Lesson management
  • Student management
  • Stripe integration for recurring billing and accounting
  • Mobile first responsive theme

We developed a custom learning management platform, including role-based framework with a granular access to instructor, parent and student resources, with a responsive mobile-ready user interface for managing lessons, personalizing student sessions, filling out reports and sharing resources. The platform consolidates the distribution of course resources and feedback, making it simpler for instructors to access, personalize and share course materials, review student information and session records, document student performance and much more.

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