Science Literacy Tool.

Create an innovative, digital science literacy tool, to explore its potential as a user-led, self-measurement application. The tool will be used to measure and improve scientific literacy in rural areas of the United States.

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  • Custom LMS allowing staff interactively create quizzes (questions, answers, recommendations, etc.)
  • Full-blown community platform with groups for specific scientific domains, activity feeds, profiles, messaging, notifications..
  • Back-end reporting system that will allow them to run reports on individual or aggregate quiz results, including the ability to export reports to PDF and/or XLS.
  • Gamification, badges and rewards
  • Complete integration with Botworx Node.JS-based API

Working with the Institute for Learning Innovation and National Science Foundation for over a year, we developed a unique platform for measuring scientific literacy by engaging the public in a wide variety of self-led scientific activities. The platform allows users to apply scientific methodologies to everyday projects in a gamified environment that rewards progress with badges, science related products and discounts on memberships to many scientific institutions.


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