Develop a new type of social network focused on increasing civic engagement and building consensus on important social and political issues. The civic engagement platform (Civ.Works) consumes actionable political and civil issues from a variety of sources and delivers them to members in real-time, with customizable alerts, based on the member's issue affinity. Members can share and discuss actions to build consensus and increase the power of their actions.

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  • Localized civic action feed, allowing users to receive notifications for actions they can take on issues most important to them
  • Interactive electoral maps where users can easily find and track their representatives
  • Customizable political news feeds
  • Legislation tracker
  • Groups and sub-groups

We created a custom civil engagement platform,, that empowers you to find and discuss the issues most important to you. Our site then provides guidance on how to make tangible moves together—in communities of caring and committed people like yourself, united to make your voices heard.


Civ.Works is a civic engagement platform is a social network with an important purpose. We believe that in an educated, informed and engaged society -our government would represent us -not the obscenely wealthy few. Civ was built with the resistance in mind -however- the platform allows us all to work toward a society where there is opportunity, justice and equity for all. Civ does not sell any of your data -no email addresses, your friends, your groups, your likes -your data belongs to you.

Civ.Works is privacy-protected and accept no advertising

Many of you already are aware of how data was purchased from Facebook and other social platforms by sinister groups. Data was analyzed to determine what fake news and propaganda to feed social media users to either get them to vote against their self-interest or disengage completely from the 2016 election cycle: ( We are a non-profit. Civ does not sell theur subscriber data, what subscribers like, their comments or their friends to anyone. They do not accept advertising. And they don’t want to drive people mad with monthly or quarterly pledge drives.

Civ is a response to the money-fueled political machine envisioned by the Lewis Powell Memo.

In the 1960’s American society was uniting. The civil rights and labor movements were joining hands while the anti-war and hippie movement were rightfully questioning the Vietnam war, American intervention in other countries and materialistic consumerism. This created deep concern among wealthy Americans and in response –Lewis Powell in a memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce articulated what a strong, well-funded conservative machine might do –if it included think tanks, media control and influence into the academic landscape.

The Powell memo was brilliant, far-reaching and comprehensive and you could easily chart a path from his vision to the wealth inequality and conservative political machine of today –ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute, Citizens United, media consolidation, Fox News, Breitbart etc. This did not happen overnight. This memo was written 46 years ago –and the machine was put in place during the Reagan Administration. The memo effectively declared war on democracy, voting rights, the Fourth Estate (news and journalism), academic freedom, people of color, women and the impoverished in America. In every election cycle we fight against greater concentration of wealth and power.

The concept of is to finally provide a societal machine to stand up against something created nearly 50 years ago –and begin the process of empowering citizens again. We are building a platform together –against an incredibly mature and well-funded machine.


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