Increasing Employee Engagement through Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise Social Networking

Social Media is an entrenched part of our daily lives. In 2017, 81% of the US population had a social media profile, and this number is projected to grow even more in 2018. We tweet, we snap, we ‘gram, and we link to stay connected with our communities. Social media has also become an integral part of how businesses connect with their customers. Studies show that almost 9 in 10 business have at least one social media page. And yet, businesses rarely use social networks to connect with their most valuable resources: their employees.

The next step in the social media revolution is enterprise social networks (ESN). With an ESN, business can leverage a social media platform to facilitate all of their internal communications and knowledge sharing, creating a one-stop resource for their employees that increases engagement, fosters collaboration, and enhances shared knowledge.

Engaging your Employees

Keeping employees engaged is one of the biggest challenges of the modern workplace. A Gallup study concluded that a lack of employee engagement costs American businesses anywhere from $450 billion to $550 billion a year. That number jumps up by another $11 billion annually when you factor in the cost of employee turnover due to a lack of engagement. When employees feel engaged at work, they work harder and are more likely to stick with a company long-term. Enterprise social networking can help foster employee buy-in by having leadership engage directly with employees to create an open and inclusive work environment.

Creating a Collaborative Workspace

A collaborative work environment is key for a fostering a community in your company. A robust enterprise social network can help you achieve this by improving internal collaboration across all projects and departments. Employees can share their work with key stakeholders in real-time for instant feedback and collaboration, leading to higher levels of satisfaction with their work. Adding layers to the collaborative process will also help your employees develop healthy relationships with their colleagues.

Everyone on your team has a unique perspective on your business. That’s why you hired them. But if all of your employees are working in their own bubbles, how can they share their knowledge and expertise with their coworkers? With an enterprise social network, you can make that knowledge actionable by encouraging employees to share their knowledge through daily posts or interactive content. By providing employees with opportunities to demonstrate leadership qualities in this way, you can deepen their engagement and strengthen the internal bonds on your team.

EnSight Business Intelligence Network

Executive Network approached us looking to develop a cutting-edge platform for their service staff to use as their primary tool for customer information and matching research. Building on the concept of enterprise social networking, we developed the “EnSight” platform, fully automating all manual workflows and providing a centralized resource for member, resource and event management.The new platform centralized all of EN’s data in one location, improving the staff productivity and member self-service tools. EnSight is cited most often by members for providing the strongest return on their investment in network membership. Members view it as a reliable always-on source of answers and information that provide real, tangible, and measurable results for their companies.

Some of the Key Features of EnSight Include:

  • Multi-platform integration to simplify and synchronize highly-manual processes. EnSight integrates with Salesforce and Exchange to map communications to accounts within the application and track the usefulness of a resource. EnSight’s bi-directional synchronization with Salesforce has almost completely replaced the need for managing existing accounts within Salesforce.
  • Event Management – we built a custom event management system to replace EN’s use of Eventbrite and further facilitate synchronicity.
  • Role-based access for all users to provide more granular control over the site.
  • Advanced Search query builder, a responsive search engine to mine the wealth of business intelligence within the member network, including an integration with Apache SOLR, to allow full-text indexing on uploaded files (Word Documents, PDFs, etc)
  • Engagement Index, a calculated metric that creates a focus for the discussion of member engagement using “evidence” on the site, including touch point dates, participation records, content contributions, scorecard ratings, searches initiated, visits to the site and so on

Since implementation, EnSight has centralized all of EN’s data in one location, improving the staff productivity and member self-service tools, providing “just in time business intelligence” across the organization.

Read the Ensight case study and request a demo here.

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