Elgg Development.

Elgg is an open-source, rapid development framework for creating social networks and applications. It provides the basic structure and building blocks that comprise any social application and includes an extensible plugin engine that allows us to create custom functionality and integrate with other platforms and APIs. Out of the box, Elgg comes with a wide range of features, including: user dashboards and profiles, groups, discussion forums, photo, file and video galleries, wall and activity feeds, twitter integration and much more. It’s use-case agnostic and can be customized and enhanced to fit a wide variety of scenarios. That’s where we come in.

Elgg Services

We’re one of the first firms to provide a full range of custom Elgg development services. In the past six years, we’ve launched more enterprise class social networks based on the Elgg framework that anyone else we know: a public faculty network for Wiley & Sons Publishing, engaging well over 20,000 users in total, an educational social network for Loyola High School in Los Angeles, a private research project for Louisiana State University’s Psychology department, a commercial SaaS-based social network focused on spiritual communities, and a private social intranet for a Fortune 500 PR Firm in NYC designed to acclimate their employees to emerging trends in social media, to name just a few.

Each application pushed Elgg well beyond its limits in terms of design, functionality and legacy integration. While Elgg is extremely powerful out of the box, we’ve found that our clients demand higher levels of custom functionality and integration — so we’ve become experts at extending Elgg with its powerful plugin engine.

Our team contains some of the best Elgg Developers in the industry, including 2 members of the core Elgg development team.

Elgg Development