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You imagine. We create. Arck Interactive is a boutique web development agency based in Portland, Oregon. We help our partners implement custom web and mobile platforms that:

Solve Complex Challenges

Bring Innovative Products to Market

Revolutionize Communications

Connect People in Novel Ways

Automate Business Processes

Increase Civic Engagement

and, hopefully, change the world for the better!

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We’re open-source enthusiasts. Given the right circumstances, we believe it makes the Web (and our lives) better. And our clients agree, because our custom solutions power some of the country’s largest organizations, corporate institutions.

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Nurses Lounge Job Board

The Challenge: Develop a custom job board platform to replace an expensive and outdated, third-party solution.

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Elgg Platforms

EnSight Business Intelligence Network

The Challenge: Develop a cutting-edge platform to be used by Executive Network's service staff as their primary tool for customer information and matching research. The platform is intended to streamline EN's relationship workflow, which was previously  a highly manual process involving multiple platforms (Salesforce, Regonline, Outlook).

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Elgg Platforms

Movewme Hobby Network

The Challenge: Design and develop a hobby enthusiast community that combines the engaging community features from Raverly and Hobby Lobby with the easy-to-use marketplace and promotional functionality of Etsy.

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Elgg Platforms

Comradity Coworking Software

The Challenge: We're working with Comradity to develop a custom management tool for their growing coworking space. The coworking software platform we developed enables Comradity members to publish, promote and find resources for their projects; reserve physical spaces and conference rooms and manage their membership fees/accounts.

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Featured Project


Now more than ever is a time for change. We’re working to reconstruct how we participate in democracy with visionary George A. Polisner, Founder of Civic Works (

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Elgg Platforms

The Challenge: Develop a new type of social network focused on increasing civic engagement and building consensus on important social and political issues. The platform consumes actionable political and civil issues from a variety of sources and delivers them to members in real-time, with customizable alerts, based on the member's issue affinity. Members can share and discuss actions to build consensus and increase the power of their actions.

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George A. Polisner
Founder, Civic Works (

We’re working to reconstruct how we participate in democracy.

Now more than ever is the time for change. Our population shows great divides but it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s time we start looking out for each other. Our voices matter, but so do our actions. Make sure they count. empowers users to find and discuss the issues most important to them. This database provides guidance on how to make tangible moves together—in communities of caring and committed people like yourself, united to make your voices heard.

By joining, users can affect policy from the ground up and begin to dismantle systemic obstacles to direct large-scale political and economic action.

In the labs.

We’re always hard at work on new and exciting platforms. Here’s what we’re busy working on right now.

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Elgg Platforms

Simplur: Political Crowdfunding Software

The Challenge: Simplur was founded in late 2012 with the mission to help citizens gather to create better government and non-profit organizations through social networking and crowdfunding. They're focused on democratizing political giving with an innovate, custom political crowdfunding software platform, that relies on crowdsourcing. Simplur is fueled by a supportive social network, that amplifies individual contribution, promotes campaigns and takes donation management to the next level.

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Laravel-Ionic Platforms


The Challenge: The challenge was tremendous: Create an interactive mobile application to improve student medical knowledge and clinical skills acquisition during virtual or standardized patient engagements.

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Elgg Platforms

Lullaby Sitters Matching Platform

The Challenge: Lullaby Sitters is an online networking community that connect parents and sitters in the Indianapolis area. They help connect their members online and in person thru our exclusive “Speed Sitting” events (think speed dating, except for a sitter). They came to us seeking to streamline their offline registration,  sitter matching and event mangagement processes with a custom web/mobile application.

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We Elgg.

While we work with almost every platform on the LAMP stack, Elgg is our platform of choice. We’re one of the first firms to provide a full range of custom Elgg development services. In the past five years, we’ve launched more enterprise class social networks based on the Elgg framework that anyone else. If you’re considering Elgg for a new project, or need help enhancing an existing platform, you’ve come to the right place.

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