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Connecting Conservation Communities

The Challenge

Create a community platform to allow conservation communities to co-manage projects, collaborate on solutions to current conservation challenges and share best practices.

Our Response

We developed Griffin Groups, a free-to-use tool for building a “community of conservation communities.” Each community is a private or public group that contains private and/or public content about conservation topics, partnerships, and projects. Members of Griffin Groups can start or join multiple groups of interest using a single log in, and receive email notifications when others participate in those groups. The site has many features, including document and photo archiving, blogs, discussions, rss feeds and reads, event calendars, and collaborative page editing. Feel free to browse the site. For an enhanced experience, please register and log in.

  • Over 2,000 active users: 50% Federal, 25% State, 25% Non-Profit / NGO.
  • Griffin Groups has become a regular part of its users daily workflow, with around 50% visiting the site on a daily basis
  • Multiple working groups have disbanded after successfully developing solutions to address the issues they formed. A key example is the LCC IDMN Survey and Synthesis Team.
  • Robust project management tools, including task assignment and Gantt charting.
  • Individual and shared calendaring, integrated with all major providers.
  • Full featured groups specific to conservationist needs.
  • Google Drive integration for document storage and co-editing / collaboration.
  • Fully streamlined and user-friendly registration process.
Problems Solved
  • Communication silos
  • Multiple logins for similar workflows
  • Inconsistent user interfaces (learning curves for each site or even page)
  • Lack of project management skills and tools
  • Difficult to work collaboratively with people outside your organization
  • Difficult to work faster than the least organized member of any given project
  • Difficult to call projects and committees “DONE!”
  • Lack of structured feedback and crowdsourcing mechanisms
  • Inability to work across multiple complementary or duplicative projects to leverage resources
  • Transitioning to the digital age
  • Social network KPIs are mostly meaningless resulting in email blasts that are increasingly ignored




Technologies Used

Google Charts

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