You imagine. We create. Arck Interactive is a Portland-based web development agency focused on creating custom social networking, marketing, business, CMS and LMS platforms.
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Custom Social Network Development

  • Mango Marketing Site Redesign
  • IADT Social Network
  • quotesheet social network
  • made collaborative social network
  • executivenetworks elgg network
  • international women's forum member network'
  • IWF leadership forum member network
  • healthost medical network
  • cubview 3.0
  • cubview2 Logo
  • loyola high school Logo
  • The Vine Logo
  • lsu elgg social network
  • dream university elgg network
  • World Bank Logo
  • wiley faculty network logo
  • child finance social network
  • homeless world cup global intranet
  • quickhit rss widget
  • jobtweets job post aggregator
  • trivantis community forum
  • trivantis drupal redesign
  • ravenswood atelier site
  • croyten content management system
  • trivantis snap elearning store
  • tecnara tools web site
  • barr harris grief center web site
  • crisp wireless branding and identity
  • speechpathology elgg network
  • novademocracia
  • trivantis welearn social network
  • coach speak sports social network
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Company News

“Why we started ArckCloud” or “How commodity managed cloud hosting is broken”

Posted by: Paul on April 8, 2013

Arck Interactive is hiring Elgg Developers!

Posted by: Paul on February 5, 2013

ArckCloud Managed Cloud Hosting Price Reductions!

Posted by: Paul on November 21, 2012
Tags: arckcloud, cloud hosting, managed hosting

Arck launches ArckCloud managed hosting for high-availability/performance web applications

Posted by: Paul on November 16, 2012
Tags: arckcloud, cloud, elgg. arck, infrastructure as a service, managed cloud hosting, managed hosting, web hosting

We’re looking for PHP developers with Elgg experience.

Posted by: Paul on August 5, 2012
Tags: arck, developers, elgg, hiring, php

« We hired Arck two years ago to manage the development of a complex Drupal marketing site. Since then, Arck has been our go-to agency for all technical projects that cannot be handled in house. Paul and team offer the whole package: Technical talent, managerial talent, while always remaining solution-oriented. »

Peter Bray
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Marketing
Trivantis Corporation

« Arck has been a long time supporter of Elgg by financially sponsoring a number of ElggCamps, donating time and development to a new site design for, and also contributing directly to Elgg's development by being active in discussions and digging in to write code. Arck is a company that gives back to the OSS community and keeps projects like Elgg alive. »

Brett Profitt, Lead Developer
Elgg Community Project

« I hired Paul and his firm for a client of mine to develop a social networking web site. From the beginning I was impressed with Paul's professionalism. He has a unassuming way of asking what is needed to be asked when contracting for work. I was also immediately impressed with his software discipline. A rare talent in these days of flyby-night software companies. As we worked together I found out how deep Paul's knowledge of web software really was. I found it both rewarding and entertaining to ask for a solution to a tough problem and watch Paul pull all sorts of open source possibilities to the table. And then of course he delivers and integrated solution! It's hard to write a recommendation on a person like Paul. He is the whole package: technical talent, managerial talent, customer relationship talent, and always solution oriented. Paul is TRULY a great person to work with! »

Henry Dittmer, Principal
Dittmer Consulting Group

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